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  • Module

  • dimensions

    Choose from two widths: 65cm and 1m. The height fits most residential interiors and offices. Overall dimensions.

  • Orchids

    These stunning, sophisticated plants are perfectly suitable for growing above the ground. Our green wall offers ideal living conditions.

  • Woodwork colour

    The frame is built from natural bamboo. We have opted for a natural oil-based coating for its protection.

  • Artificial lighting

    This is an optional element which highlights the greenery of the vegetation. However, lighting is essential if there is not enough daylight in your room.

  • Delivery and assembly

    When confirming your request by phone, our fulfilment service will provide you with a delivery date and time. The green wall will be delivered and assembled by our installation team. Each green trellis is stand-alone and doesn’t require any wall fastening. However, if necessary it can still be fastened it to the wall, and there are two specific attachments for this purpose on the back of the frame. It does not take more than an hour to fully assemble the trellis, which involves assembling all the various components and circuits, filling the tank and starting up the irrigation system.

  • Maintenance

    The only maintenance required is a water supply, and to check the overall condition of the plants. For the remainder, 4 to 6 annual visits from our expert are enough to maintain the ecosystem balance.

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«Zen» module 1750
65 cm x 2,40 m + 0,00
Without orchids + 0,00
No frame + 0,00
No lighting + 0,00
Delivery within Paris Free
No maintenance + 0,00
Free installation Free Change your options


buy € 1750
rent monthly € 291/ month Minimum term : 2 months
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