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Whether at home or at the office, a green wall is a small corner of nature soothing your senses.

As a living ornamental garden, a green wall combines innovative technology with the benefits of greenery. Our stable, self-sufficient green wall irrigation system offers you unrestricted enjoyment of your garden.

You can now stay in touch with nature at home or feel the freedom of the forest at work with our green walls, as they blend in seamlessly with most décors, adding a pastoral touch which is both soothing and revitalising.

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«Fantastic service! Delivery was very quick and the installation team were extremely efficient. We are delighted! »

Martin R. Lyon

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«I’ve just had my green wall installed! It’s so beautiful! So fresh! Our living room has finally come back to life and we’ve got an actual piece of nature with us every day.

Laura D. Rue Montorgueil, Paris

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Our modules

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image zen

Predominantly single variety. A selection of 4-5 fern varieties forming a stylised, graphic picture. Plant selection is to be confirmed with our fulfilment service.

  • Dimensions : 65cm (W) x 240cm (H), , 100cm (W) x 240cm (H)
  • Prepared within 14 days
  • Free installation


image champetre

Up to 15 varieties of undergrowth plant. The composition as a whole creates a superb blend of green and white hues. Other seasonal colours on demand.

  • Dimensions : 65cm (W) x 240cm (H), , 100cm (W) x 240cm (H)
  • Prepared within 21 days
  • Free installation
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Points to remember


A green wall creates comfort in its surroundings. It purifies the air, regulates the temperature and acts as an excellent solution for sound insulation. Light therapy is a further benefit.

A green wall requires lighting of 1200-1500 lux throughout the year, for 10-12 hours a day.

A green wall has its own water tank, which is usually 50-200 litres in volume. This tank may be hidden, or moved to an adjacent room.

With a properly maintained green wall there is no risk of moisture transfer, leaks, or splashes on room walls, no more than with an aquarium or ordinary water source.

A green wall may be created and installed at any point, either while you are decorating or afterwards.
A green wall must have a constant supply of electricity.

How it works

A green wall is an actual garden, although it is vertical.The plants are planted or seeded by season and need to be suitably maintained.

A green wall is a self-sufficient garden. It gradually adapts to your «climate» and meets its own water, lighting and nutrient needs.

A green wall is a permanent installation and its lifetime is only limited by the materials used to build it. It usually has a life cycle of around 10 years.


Operation diagram


How & why?

les Atouts

NeoGarden systematically monitors the growth of our green walls. As long as we are responsible for maintaining your green wall, its appearance will be guaranteed!

As it is free from insects and parasites, our soilless garden offers new interior design possibilities.

Automatic sprinkling. The hydroponic irrigation system is built in, perpetually responding to the plants’ needs.

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Automatic tank filling. The system is designed to automatically top up the tank water.

Water savings. Water consumption is significantly optimised in comparison to traditional soil cultivation. One glass of water a week is enough for a foliage plant to grow. Ecological and sustainable design. We use only natural ingredients out of respect for the environment.

Each installation is unique. It is specially designed to suit your temperature and lighting conditions, and meet your aesthetic requirements. Plant composition also varies from one installation to the next.

Infallible leak-tightness. As it is built out of stainless steel, the construction is fully secure and waterproof.

Ultra-lightweight. As our green wall is built using innovative materials, it never weighs more than 15kg per m², even when moist.

Minimal space required. A green wall frame is only 2-3cm wide. The tank itself can be moved to a technical room.

Common misconceptions


Green fingers

You don’t need any particular gardening experience to have a green wall in your home or office. The systems are designed to work autonomously. As for maintenance – it’s left down to the professionals.


A well-designed green wall doesn’t present any risk of moisture transfer into the room. Our products come with a life time warranty against any leakage. Using stainless steel also guarantees a very long life to all our products.

Building work

No need to undertake any building work. Green walls are always planted in our workshop to ensure maximum cleanliness for you. Installation is very quick, only involving assembling and mounting the green wall on your premises.


Contrary to common misconception, it is very easy to maintain a green wall because everything is automated. This means it is easier to maintain a green wall than are pot plants. Nevertheless, professional monitoring is necessary to ensure its vital systems work properly.

Life cycle

A green wall’s life cycle is dependent on the maintenance it receives. This is usually around 10 years. All devices and vital systems come with a 1-year manufacturer’s
warranty, including parts and labour.

Oxygen and carbon dioxide

A green wall helps oxygenate the room and purifies the air by biodegrading toxic matter. It is also true that during the night plants emit carbon dioxide.
Don’t worry: this quantity is negligible in comparison to the carbon dioxide breathed out by our pets.

Growth and development

Just as in nature, plants seed, grow and perish over time on the green wall. Their natural cycles are also subject to seasonal changes, which is why a green wall is constantly changing in appearance; it never stays the same.

Insects and disease

All the right conditions are in place to avoid met to avoid the spread of insects and illnesses: a wide variety of plants creates a natural barrier. Natural-based protective treatments and the virtual absence of earth reduce the risk of insects or disease even further.

Insufficient light

Sufficient light is one of the conditions for indoor plants to grow successfully. Our understanding of horticultural lighting enables us to make up for light deficiencies and we can install our green walls even in the darkest rooms.

Plus d'informations sur Neogarden, spécialiste du mur végétal

L’activité de notre société se concentre sur la conception, la réalisation, la location et l’entretien des murs végétaux naturels. Nous travaillons avec les particuliers et les professionnels à la valorisation de leur cadre de vie en y apportant les bienfaits d’un jardin vertical entièrement autonome.

En fabriquant, en installant et en entretenant notre propre système de mur végétal, nous maitrisons l’intégralité du processus de création. Nous nous assurons aussi du résultat final : une nature luxuriante chaque jour de l’année.

Bureau d’études et R&D

Après compréhension de l’univers végétal souhaité, notre équipe étudie la faisabilité des projets soumis et retient la meilleure solution technique à mettre en œuvre. Le système « Plant-R » que nous avons développé nous permet de répondre efficacement à toutes les demandes concernant le mur végétalisé intérieur ou extérieur quelque soit l’envergure ou la complexité du projet.

Fabrication et vente d’équipements spécialisés pour le mur végétal

Forts d’un savoir faire et d’une expérience pionnière dans le développement du mur végétalisé à ses tous débuts, notre société commercialise le système « Plant-R » utilisé sur une grande variété de projets à l’échelle nationale.

Dans une démarche d’accompagnement personnalisé, nous formons les installateurs à l’utilisation de notre matériel et proposons une assistance technique sur les chantiers.

Offre de services pour les paysagistes

En complément de la commercialisation du matériel spécifique au mur végétalisé, une gamme entière de services est dédiée aux professionnels du secteur qui collaborent avec nous sur leur projet de mur végétal.

Ceux-ci bénéficient de la livraison du mur végétal déjà planté et « prêt à poser » directement sur le lieu de leur choix.

Installation sur mesure de mur végétal

La réussite d’un projet passe par une bonne intégration du mur végétal dans son environnement. La structure très fine (6 cm d’épaisseur) du mur végétal et la découpe facile de nos panneaux végétalisés Plant-R permettent de rendre inaperçu les éléments de structure en ne laissant visible que la végétation.

Le mur végétal est fabriqué et planté dans notre atelier. L’assemblage se fait sur place. Cette réalisation en deux temps assure la rapidité et la propreté de nos interventions d’installation.

Location de décors végétaux uniques

Pour le temps d’un événement particulier, d’une opération de communication, un salon, un tournage, un photo-shooting, Neogarden assure un spectacle végétal qui sait percuter, et capter l’attention. Avec toujours à coeur de surprendre et d’émerveiller, nous nous intégrons au mieux à l’univers des produits en soulignant l’image de marque des exposants.

Service d’entretien et de maintenance des murs végétaux

Un système de culture autonome n’exclut pas un entretien régulier de la végétation ni un suivi technique du matériel. Et parce que le mur végétal ne doit pas être une contrainte, notre forfait de maintenance est sans engagement de durée pour le client.